Casal Sta. Maria‘s wines are the true expression of the unique terroir that encompasses  our vineyards, which are planted between the Ocean and the Sintra Hill.

Working as a natural barrier, the Sintra Hill magnifies the influence of the Atlantic. Mild temperatures and the typical coastal salty fog are often the scenery. It’s within these conditions of maritime climate with cool nights, misty mornings and fresh afternoon breezes, that we create and work in the vineyards and wines year after year.

The white wines, bring the sea to our mind. They are perfumed, fresh, with elegant mineral notes, balanced and with low alcohol and with a unique character of savoury sea notes.  Wines with A noble evolution that can rest in the cellar for many years to come, as they become more complex, expressing this unique terroir.

On the other hand, the red grape vineyards were only planted in the Sintra Hill. Here they are protected by trees from the harsh oceanic winds, and in general the climate is a slightly more humid and fresh. The wines are bright in colour, with strong varietal aromas and hints of balsamic and humus. The mineral character is present in these medium-bodied wines, with a surprising fresh acidity and firm tannins. We say they remind us of the aromas of the humid forest of Sintra.

Our wines have deserved the attribution of several national and international awards, as well as obtained very favorable reviews and high scores. The history of Casal de Santa Maria has been published in some of the most important newspapers and magazines such as TAP – Up Magazine, Expresso – Única Magazine and Revista de Vinhos. It’s also worth mentioning that the founder of Casal Sta. Maria, Baron Bodo von Bruemmer, was awarded with the Gold Medal of Merit by the “Câmara Municipal of Sintra“, delivered by President Dr. Basílio Horta for the extraordinary success in producing wine with his team.

The wines of Casal Sta. Maria have won numerous awards in prestigious competitions such as the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon, China Wine & Spirits Awards, Portuguese Wine Challenge or Lisbon Wine Challenge.